Hunky Dory (Film)

Hunky Dory (Dir. Marc Evans) – In Cinemas Now! (March 2012)

Set in the summer of 1976, this film follows the activities of the staff and students of a Swansea secondary school as they prepare a trippy rock opera adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, set in outer space.


I was scheduled for two weeks of work experience, but ended up staying with the Art Dept. for nearly 2 months.

The images below show the process of making the set of The Tempest. A set within a set! There had to be a clear indication that the students at the school had made the props and scenery themselves. Thus Production Designer, Jacqueline Abrahams, provided us with broad guidelines regarding colour schemes and other aspects of the required sets. The Small team, with whom I was working, did have a lot of creative input. I was quite pleased to be given free rein when it came to designing, building and painting the mushrooms and planets, which featured prominently in the scene.

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