Other Productions

Stella - Art Dept. Trainee – Drama, Sky 1

Role Included: Preparing and painting various sets and helping to move and organise props.

Dr Who - Art Dept. Trainee – Drama, BBC Wales

Role Included: Researching and sourcing images for the art department, helping to find and organise items in the prop store and helping prepare props for filming.

Crash – Art Dept. Trainee – Drama, BBC Wales

Role Included: Preparing and painting various parts of the sets, helping to move props to locations and assisting the art department with set dressing and preparation for shooting.

Old Age Pillagers (Short Film)

Student film, produced as final year project for a group of film students from Newport. The film follows two OAPs, Auther and Bernard, as they try to come to terms with the loss of Auther’s wife, Maggie, by robbing local shops and joy riding mobility scooters. I acted as one half of a two person Art department as designer, art director, buyer, set dresser… etc!

Old Age Pillagers (Current Cut) from Dane Rowe on Vimeo.

Beautiful Creatures – Student Theatre production

Set designed and built for Glamorgan Univesity theatre production ‘Beautiful Creatures’. A musical aimed at 5-7 year olds, based around animals of the jungle. We were approached to develop a scheme that was simple, lightweight and, most importantly of all, cheap!

After playing with various shapes and forms, we found that by isolating and abstracting the print of animals, we could build up an abstract jungle frame for the action on stage. Cut from large foam panels (aquired for free) and hung from the lighting grid, with this set we managed to fill all of the criteria we were given.

1:25 scale set model:

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